About Us

Big rapids Towing & Recovery

Big Rapids Towing was established in 1995 with a goal to provide customers with fast, reliable and affordable towing services to the Big Rapids and surrounding communities.

When you’re in an accident, our friendly and trained staff are ready to help you with whatever need you have. We have the equipment, knowledge and experience to handle your vehicle. From an Acura to Volkswagen, or a motorcycle to an 18 wheeler semi-truck, we have the right equipment to get you where you need to be. Local or long distance, call us today and find out why Big Rapids Towing is this area’s first choice.

In addition to accident towing and recovery, we also specialize in Emergency Roadside Assistance. Whether you’ve locked your keys in your car, have a dead battery and need a jumpstart or have a flat tire and need it changed, we’re here to help. We also assist travelers who are from out-of-town and may find themselves broken down on the highway and do not know where to turn for help. With a strong network of local repair facilities, our staff has the knowledge and resources to get you towed to the shop best suited to fix your problem fast.

Our drivers are WreckMaster Certified. WreckMaster is the towing and recovery industry’s leading Training & Certification company, developed in the early 1990’s to make our job safer; by teaching modern safety techniques. Through research and development, we stay up to date with the constantly changing technology to make sure no harm comes to you, your vehicle or our drivers. Challenging our drivers to be the best they can be instills confidence and professionalism. And, we’re proud of our safety record!

In addition to your automotive needs, we also specialize in heavy duty equipment moving. From bulldozers to loaders to oversize machinery and equipment, we have the specialty travelers to transport whatever you need moved.

Take a few minutes and browse our website. Whatever you need, please call us today at (231) 796-2222 and let us get you moving again!